About Us

As a sole sales representative, Studio Selecta sells buildings, premises, warehouses, depots, commercial areas and industrial estates, in addition to residential apartments. Studio Selecta covers all the activities until the execution of notarial deeds, through the implementation of advertising plans, the creation of sales departments on the premises, the drawing up of preliminary contracts of commerce and the selection of the best financial support terms for Buyers. All the services provided by Studio Selecta are backed by the most advanced technology, aimed at the improvement of the quality of its services and the control of the expenditure. Along with the most advanced technical resources to analyse the property supply and to valuate lands and buildings, Studio Selecta employs the most innovative information technologies based on Internet.

In order to establish the most sought-after kinds of properties, Studio Selecta carries out pre-service analyses, studies of feasibility, marketing research and monitoring of competitors’ offers, in addition to a careful evaluation of the building, urban and cadastral position of the areas of interest. Furthermore, to warrant the very best project, Studio Selecta develops simulations of marketing plans, including appraisal of costs and revenues, reckoning of the best selling prices, investment's pay-back period forecast and even suggestions on renovation works specifications.